About Mobathing

Like most mobas but with a faction metagame and player created characters



Project State Abandoned
Website https://mobathing.facepunch.com/
Genre Moba, MMO, Co-Op
Press Contact press@facepunch.com


Character creation


  • Persistent player created characters
  • Player created factions
  • PVP and PVE game modes (were planned)
  • AI driven metgame

Inspired by a deceptively simple plugin from the asset store, we bashed together the basics of a traditional MOBA, and then went on to add a backend server & database with persistent player-created characters and factions. The idea was broadly to have boiled-down and accessible MOBA-style gameplay (think HoTS, not DOTA) with a metagame around it and character development + customisation akin to an MMO, rather than traditional hero choices.

A draft version of the metagame with a server-side AI and territorial control was built as as standalone project.

We used a bunch of asset store art to get things set up, and got kinda bogged down fighting with Unity's networking.

Might come back to this in the future, but for now it's too big for a side project.

Oh yeah and eventually I wanted there to be birds with arms.

Team Mobathing